What is Cryptocurrency

Of late we have been hearing the buzz word ‘Bitcoin’ largely. This is the latest development in the financial arena, the digital form of money called the Cryptocurrency. Money is stored in wallets digitally and transactions can be done using this as is done with paper currency.

There are a lot of places this can be used including Cryptocurrency for Gambling. Before investing,  gaining knowledge about cryptos is essential. To know how it works and other detailed information, the following can be of great help.

This is the new form of digital money that can be used for transactions online as opposed to the presently used paper currency that is in force across the globe.

The name ‘crypto ‘ comes from the technology used to secure the currency. In simple terms, it can be said that cryptocurrency uses digital files as money. It is virtual and you cannot hold it in your hands. The money that we have now is paper currency that can be held physically and exchanged during transactions.

 Cryptocurrency is secured by cryptography so it is said that making a forged form of it is nearly impossible. In short, it is called as crypto. This does not work under the centralized regulations of a government or a central bank. The functioning is decentralized. Bitcoin is an example of cryptocurrency. acording to statista cryptocurrency exchanges in the U.S., increased from 0.4 million in January 2017 to 5.6 million by June 2018.”

How does it work?

Cryptocurrencies use decentralized technology and allow the users to store money and securely perform transactions without even visiting a bank. Everything is done digitally. A distributed public ledger called Blockchain is used for this purpose.

All the transactions and records of money held by users are stored here.

All the money is stored in digital crypto wallets. The transactions are performed through a broker. The technology uses the process called Mining to create the units of currency.

 It is expected that all sorts of transactions done with money now can be done through this digital form including Cryptocurrency for Gambling.


The first modern form of crypto, namely the Bitcoin was created in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamato, a pseudonymous person. This scarce form of currency was first publicly used with user anonymity in this year.

 Previously there were other forms of this like those that applied mathematical and computer science principles to do away with the shortcomings of paper currency.

The original thought can be traced back to 1980 when an American cryptographer invented an algorithm that can be called the basis for the modern developments.

Digicash became the first of its kind and later came other forms of digital money. Now recently other alternatives to Bitcoin have started appearing.


  • Most of these currencies are built scarce meaning, the number of units that can exist is determined.
  • They cannot be created more and more with demand. They are considered like gold and other precious metals
  • Cryptocurrencies are decentralized.
  • They are not controlled by the government. This provides for an authentic source of currency outside the government control that is not affected by inflation.
  • Long-term stability is expected with crypto
  • More and more governments are expected to adapt this even if not entirely to eliminate the defects with physical money.


  • One of the biggest concerns is the lack of governmental regulation.
  • This can result in illegal and black-market dealings
  • Also, there is no control on the units that can be issued so unlawful activities are bound to increase.
  • Lack of control may result in volatility of the value of the currency
  • Though crypto was introduced to provide the safety feature absent in physical money, still it is not completely safe.
  • The money is held in digital form and any data loss can result in huge financial loss. Imagine your data is stored in the cloud and the server is damaged or disconnected from the global connectivity, then the probability for loss is huge.

Other uses

Cryptocurrencies can be used for investment solutions.

Investors can expand their portfolios without any boundary meaning, since the money is in digital form it can be held in any part of the globe providing better offers.

 So management of wealth seems to be an interesting use of cryptos.

Cryptocurrency employs blockchain technology so safety and complete transparency of transaction is ensured.

This can help in developing ethical business practices. This is one reason casinos give even the welcome bonus in the form of cryptocurrencies.

There is a problem with charities, namely fund leak.

This can be avoided when charitable organizations use cryptocurrency. Blockchain helps in eliminating any frauds and helps the organization.

Online gambling also pay no deposit bonus in the form of Bitcoins. This is considered safe by players, here you can check what kinds of bonuses are there

A huge number of online transactions can benefit from cryptocurrency as transactions can be done across the globe.

Also during travel, the need to carry the currency of the particular country is eliminated with Bitcoins.

Cryptocurrency for online gambling

As seen in other spheres, cryptocurrency for gambling is also gaining a presence.

The logic is using digital money in the place of physical paper money, so wherever the latter had its force the newer one is sure to occupy.

As with any other transaction, safety is of prime concern in online gambling also. Cryptocurrency provides gamblers with the safety they require for their accounts. Anonymity is maintained and transactions are secure.

 In the online gambling field, there are two types of casinos.

Those that offer the regular kind of transactions along with the newly added cryptocurrency or the ones that operate on cryptocurrency-only mode. To decide which one to opt for needs a lot of research on which one is suitable for you. All the data are in digital form here so any transactions with a not so reliable source may leave you marooned.

How to buy

Buying a cryptocurrency would primarily need an account in the exchange.

 There are some important considerations before buying cryptos.

The first one is to know the rules of the country to which you belong. Payment is accepted through credit cards, bank transfers, or even cash.

There are many forms of cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin and not every website offers all the types.

Once you decide to buy cryptocurrency check for the website offering your kind.

Also, different websites accept different payment methods, so getting to know this beforehand is important.

 There is a fee charged by the websites for buying this form of currency. You have to create a crypto wallet where all your cryptocurrencies will be stored.

Three types of wallets are available at present like the Online wallet, Software wallet (App based), and Hardware wallet (USB-based).  Exchanges are the popular way of buying cryptocurrency

What are the risks

The main risk associated with cryptocurrency is the volatility.

There is not a central organization to fix the value so the possibility of a huge increase in value or otherwise is an inherent risk.

With no authority to control the risk associated with business transactions tends to be huge. This will also give rise to a loss of confidence in the traditional form of money which has not been done away with totally as yet.

Cryptocurrency is in the nascent form now.

Technology used is considered to be very strong with Blockchain but still the danger of being hacked remains.

Once the data online is lost it cannot be recovered and there is no record of the number of units of Bitcoin you held.

The software needed here needs to be highly sophisticated and also requires updations frequently so that the possibility of theft is limited.

Also, the usage depends on regulations in the respective countries.

To prevent money laundering some nations may restrict the use of this currency thereby putting barriers on transactions.

can i loose money

The lack of controlling authority, high volatility, constant shift in market conditions, and no physical existance all may create a chance for losing the money in form of cryptocurrency

Do all casinos use cryptocurrency

Some casinos use only cryptos and there are those which use both, the traditional and the crypto, also there are other which use only traditional form of money

Is cryptocurrency legal?

This new form of digital money has not found recognition across the globe yet. however, there are some countries where this is considernd a legal tender like USA, Morocco, mexico, southafrica , zimbabew, newziland, austrila , cyprus

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