The ultimate guide to Bitcoin casino

The bitcoin has become one of the most popular digital currency globally and it has paved the way for the alternate currency to flourish simultaneously in tandem to the traditional form of currency. This has led to the bitcoin and the cryptocurrency transactions gaining in prominence in the different industries. This has spurred the growth of bitcoin transactions in various different arenas of gaming, lotteries, gambling mainly because of the bitcoin casinos. The cryptocurrency is the virtual or digital version of the currency which is secured with the help of cryptography. This security mechanism means that it is extremely difficult for people to counterfeit the currency and manipulate the data associated with the currency.

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How do I know if I can play with Bitcoin?

There are some online casinos that only do online transactions in bitcoin whereas there are others that provide the option of bitcoin as an additional form of currency for their transactions, along with the traditional form of currency. However the number of online casinos that offer money and gambling based games via bitcoin currency is increasing as the cryptocurrency continues to gain prominence and become more mainstream. These bitcoin casinos have their operations all over the world, even though here it is important to note that their transactions might be subject to the local laws, check the article how to start an online bitcoin casino

These online casinos offer a number of different casino games  through the bitcoin currency and these different games include gambling games, casino games, sports-based betting, spread betting and online lotteries. Even though the bitcoin casinos are illegal in most of the states in US, there are other places where you have well established bitcoin casinos. Some of the popular bitcoin casinos that are available globally includes Bitzinho, Satoshibet, BCLC, SatoshiDice, StrikeSapphire and amongst others. If you are playing on one of these casinos then you get the option of bitcoin transactions. However if you are not sure whether a specific casino deals in bitcoin transactions then you can always check with customer support to determine whether it supports the bitcoin currency for these games.

Are they the same games as the non-bitcoin casinos?

The bitcoin casino games are the same as the conventional online casino games and the only difference is that you can pay and do transactions in bitcoin currency. These bitcoin casinos offer the option of playing different games through bitcoin currency and all the transactions are done using this cryptocurrency.

Wagering on games with bitcoin

The online bitcoin casinos offer the option of wagering on games with the bitcoin cryptocurrency so all the transactions are in bitcoins only and no conventional for of cash is involved anywhere in the process. The software is responsible for running these online casino games with minimum human intervention. The software performs the task of the table dealer and because of the digital nature of business, the bitcoin casinos need to convince the players regarding the fairness of the operations

Many of the online casinos establish that trust through disclosure of the functioning of their software algorithms. Amongst the different online bitcoin casino games, the poker is the most popular one even though there are several other casino games and variations that exist within the bitcoin casino domain.

Why should you play casino games with bitcoins?

The anonymity that the online bitcoin casinos give to the users is one of the reasons why the bitcoins are gaining massive popularity amongst the people. The majority of bitcoin casino websites and platforms charge no transaction fee and they provide daily unlimited free transactions. In contrast the traditional casinos tend to charge fees for transactions and have a limit in place on the number of transactions that a user can do in a day. The digital nature of the online bitcoin casinos gives easy global access to the players on a large scale.

These online bitcoin casino games are mostly beyond the control and purview of authorities. This is why many of the online bitcoin casino games have introduced tweaks within the basic rules of the game. These types of variations or tweaks are not permissible in the traditional form of the casino games. Many of the online bitcoin casinos don’t ask for a lot of details and just require minimal details in the form of user details such as login name and email id.

Is gambling with bitcoin safe?

Gambling using bitcoin is safe as long as the vendor or the service provider is a trusted name who is known for good track record and transparent transactions with the customers. If this is not the case then you must avoid playing bitcoin casino on such platforms. Doing a basic research on the reliability and legitimacy of the bitcoin casino platform is always helpful.

How long does it take to deposit using bitcoin?

It hardly takes much time to deposit with the help of the bitcoin currency mode. These bitcoin transactions are completed online and depending on the connectivity of the system, the deposit can be done in a few minutes or even faster.

How long does it take to withdraw using bitcoin?

It doesn’t take long to withdraw money using the bitcoin cryptocurrency either. The whole process is automated and the underlying software mechanism oversees all the transactions effectively within minutes.

Types of bonuses for bitcoin casinos

There are all kinds of bitcoin casino bonuses that are offered by various bitcoin casino owners. Some of these bonuses or offers include sign-up bonus, welcome bonus, referral bonus, insurance or cashback bonus, no-deposit bonus and non-cashable bonus amongst others. If you are looking for bonus promos then you can check out these offers by visiting the websites of the bitcoin casino providers.


The bitcoin transaction tend to be complex and there are various different factors associated with these transactions. While the bitcoin online casinos offer easy accessibility, anonymity and a chance at winning some attractive prizes, the players must also factor in the risks involved plus the legal aspects and challenges faced by the bitcoin version of the casino games before taking the plunge.

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