What is bitcoin

Bitcoin is the new type of cryptocurrency that has emerged in recent times. It is virtual money or digital money contrary to paper money that is in use now. The unique feature of this type of currency is that it is independent of any government regulations. There is no central governing authority that maintains the value of bitcoins, rather it uses peer-to-peer technology to operate. The main features of this digital currency are fast payments, worldwide payments, and reduced fees for processing transactions. This was first launched in the year 2009. This currency is supported by codes generated through software that only a few can operate.
This is actually the use of cryptography to secure the transactions so that they cannot be tampered in-between. Though many countries have accepted the use of this currency, there are still others who have restricted its use.

How bitcoin works?

The bitcoin is a computer file that is stored in digital wallets on your computer. People need not visit a bank in-person to perform transactions using this type of currency. A public list called blockchain records all the transactions so that there is no possibility of intrusion. Each transaction is called a block which is chained to a code to secure it. Transactions through crypto wallets are done with the help of a broker. A public key and a private key constitute a bitcoin wallet. There are two types of wallets- Hot wallet where digital money is stored in an exchange and accessed through a computer or smartphone, and a Cold wallet where you can download your bitcoins in a portable encrypted device. Bitcoins can be bought using real money and can be used in transactions like any other form of money. Special computers are built to generate bitcoins.

Bitcoin regulatory

Bitcoin is not regulated by any law. This operates independently of the government and bank regulations. They are considered legal in the USA and the Bank Secrecy Act covers it. The regulation is the important thing affecting the price of bitcoins. Not all countries have the same ideology regarding accepting bitcoins as a form of currency for transactions. There is no accountability for this form of currency and this remains a concern for many countries. And if regulations are imposed, the main benefit of using this form of money, the anonymity may be compromised. It also has high transaction fees which are bound to increase further when more people adopt it.


Cryptocurrency is a virtual form of money and Bitcoin is an example of this type of currency. This form of payment is used to transact online, to buy goods and services like you do with paper currency. This is a decentralized form of currency and does not have any regulatory body governing it. This is the main reason the currency is not affected by governmental operations or inflation arising due to it. Cryptos, as it is generally called is still not accepted widely and is in the earlier stages of development. This is mainly because people consider it highly volatile.  Also, the use of paper currency is still ongoing and so total reliance on this digital form hasn’t been obtained. The developers have made an impact that this is a valuable form of currency and is rare.  For this reason, people are in a state of hurry to invest in it fearing it would increase in value in the future.


A blockchain is in simple terms a digital record of transactions done through cryptos. Each transaction is a block and is linked through a chain of codes. Transactions done at present through paper currency are recorded in spreadsheets and similar software. The same thing done is done here in a digital ledger. The transactions are done through a P2P network with the help of nodes. There is a network of nodes that authenticate the transaction done digitally. Transfer of money, contracts, etc can be done with the help of blockchains without the need for any governing authority. Each block contains a hash that is unique and cannot be changed once recorded. Every subsequent block has the hash from the previous block except the first block. The transactions done through this are considered reliable and also time-saving. It also helps reduce frauds in transactions by increasing security.

Bitcoin and casino

Online casinos are a great attraction for players in the present digital age. The casinos offer a variety of bonuses including the bitcoin casino bonuses.  These casinos accept deposits in the form of Bitcoins and also allow withdrawal in the same form. Special bonuses in the form of bitcoin free spins are also offered. All the bitcoins are stored safely in the account of the players. More casinos are offering this form of deposit since this currency is catching up recently. Instead of cashing out money, people find it safer to store money in computers in digital form. The anonymity of player’s money is maintained in a casino accepting bitcoins.

Bitcoin faucet

This is a reward system for the completion of certain tasks. Rewards in the form of bitcoins are given and are known as Satoshi. Like for example, it gives you rewards for solving captcha codes, or for clicking links. The reward is hundredth of a millionth BTC. Different types of bitcoin faucets are available. This is actually given by a website or an app. To be eligible for the reward, you have to sign up with the site and provide your wallet address. After you spend a certain time on the site, you may be required to complete simple tasks. Upon completion, you become eligible for claiming the rewards. There are certain scam websites operating in the name of faucets, so care must be taken to choose authentic websites. Every few minutes the site distributes bitcoin.

What is bitcoin
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What is bitcoin

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